Tree Help Plugin for the Structured FrameMaker

In the Structure View window, expand and collapse the tree easily, or effectively find a location.


It is hard to believe how much more simpler, easier and effective these functions make it to author structured documents. The functionality and effectiveness of these functions is profound, as you will discover after using them — try it yourself, you will never look back!


  1. Download
  2. Unpack
  3. Put the file treehelp.dll into the folder fminit\Plugins under the FrameMaker installation directory.
  4. Restart FrameMaker.

Tree Help plugin is a "try-before-you-buy" program. You can use it for a total of 30 days for free, then you should buy the Tree Help plugin.


The Tree Help plugin adds the following commands to the menus:

Right-click in a document or in the Structure View window to access a context menu.

The commands with shortcuts:

Using shortcuts (on example of \!XI):

  1. Press ESC, then release ESC
  2. Press SHIFT, press x, then release SHIFT and x
  3. Press SHIFT, press i, then release SHIFT and i


Contact us via email: <treehelp(at)datahansa(dot)com>. To prevent your email accidentaly being labelled as spam, please use the keyword thkey in the subject header.